Welcome to the Clinical Aphasiology Conference website. CAC is an annual forum, typically held at the end of May, for clinicians and researchers engaged in the study and clinical management of persons with acquired neurologic language disorders.

Stay tuned for updates for CAC 2023 – Atlantic City, NJ

Great Locations
The Clinical Aphasiology Conference is always held in fabulous locations: Park City, Utah, Sanibel Island, Florida, and Gent, Belgium have all hosted CACs. Enjoy beautiful scenery and outdoor activities along with stimulating conversations with aphasiology’s leading researchers and clinicians.

CAC Proceedings

Ever wonder where the proceedings of the 1995 CAC were published? Check out the updated list herecac-proceedings. You may also visit the Clinical Aphasiology University of Pittsburgh Library Archive for full texts of published CAC papers for the years 1974 – 2014.

The Bruce Porch CAC Student Fund 

To honor the contributions of Dr. Bruce Porch to CAC, in 2018 the Steering Committee voted to change the name of the CAC Sustaining Fund to the Bruce Porch CAC Student Fund. The primary purpose of this fund is to underwrite part of the cost of student CAC registrations for non-Fellow student attendees. Because the reduced student fees do not cover the actual per person cost of attending the conference which are otherwise absorbed by other attendees, donations to the fund help reduce the regular registration fees. (Note: Donations made to the Fund are not tax deductible). To Donate, click here